Lost That Loving Feeling?

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

There’s no way of sugar-coating this news, but having a baby can and will play havoc with your sex life.

“It goes without saying that life, love, and relationships change drastically after the birth of a child,” says clinical psychologist Dr Siri Harrison. “We know this intellectually before the baby is born, yet we still underestimate the scale of the changes. People who have been through the parenting process will tell you – warn you, even  just how different life will be once junior is on the scene.

“We’ve seen siblings or friends go through it; we’ve Googled it and maybe even read some books on it  but that might not always soften the blow of what it feels like to live that change once the baby is brought home from the hospital. Knowing how to handle that change is even harder.

“One specific area of a relationship that can change drastically after the birth of a child is sex. Many new parents don’t know how to handle this touchy subject  friends and family don’t necessarily talk about it, and we don’t always want to ask or even know what that conversation would sound like. But as much as you might value sleep over sex in the months following birth, it’s still a very important part of enjoying a healthy relationship with your partner.”

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