How To Baby Proof Valentine’s Day

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – make the most of it with our handy guide.

With a new baby in the house popping out for a romantic Valentine’s meal in a swanky restaurant is easier said than done. Quite apart from the military-style planning involved in leaving the house without the kids in tow, you might just prefer to stay at home.

So how can you make it a night to remember now you’re a parent?

Get the kids involved

Make Valentine’s Day a family affair by involving your child throughout the daytime, so you have more of a chance of a perfect evening. “If you have a baby – or more than one child – you could use the day to celebrate being a family and all of the love and joy that goes into that,” says Faye Mingo, from parenting website Families Online. “Whether you make cards together with the children or heart-shaped cookies, your children will feel involved in the event, so when it comes to bed time you might be able to get away with an ‘earlier night’ for the kids as they won’t feel like they have been left out when they know mum and dad are having their own Valentine celebration too.”

Be realistic

It is imperative that you are realistic with what it is you may want to do. “The best advice is don’t strive for perfection, just have fun,” says Faye. “Don’t get stressed or plan elaborate meals that will leave you panicked in the kitchen all evening (and not spending precious time with your loved one) – after all, it’s not about a Michelin star dinner, it is about reconnecting with your partner in amidst the whirlwind roller coaster of parenthood.”

Change the day

We all know Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th, but if you’re not able to find a babysitter and still want the day between the two of you, just change it. “You might find there is not such a shortage of babysitters after the hearts and flowers have died down,” says Faye. “Plus you could celebrate on a weekend when you have more free time, and can plan celebrations around baby naps too.”