6 Money saving hacks

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

If saving money was one of your goals for the new year then check out our six tips to help you put away some cash this year.

These money saving hacks are easy ways to help you reach your saving goals without adding any extra stress to your daily life. Try these simple lifestyle changes to reach your financial milestones.

Create a budget

The first step is to create a plan. Write down how much your bills add up and your monthly income. Make another list of extra things you spend money on. Don’t leave anything out, things like morning coffee, dinner dates, everything.

Creating a budget is the first of the money saving hacks

With all of your expenses laid out in front of you, you’ll be able to see what is a realistic amount of money that you can set aside each month.

Make coffee at home

That £3 or £4 cup of coffee may not seem like a big deal but those pounds will add up quickly. Why not try making a cup at home and taking it to work with you. This will not only save you money in the long run but also save you from having to stop somewhere on your way into work.

Pack your lunch

Packing your own food is one of the most effective of the money saving hacks. In addition to saving you money, packing your own lunch is also a healthier option. You can pack your lunch with nutrient dense options and feel comfortable knowing that you know exactly what is in your meal.

Meal prep

To make things even easier you can meal prep your lunches for the entire week. You can even do this with breakfast and lunch, to save you and your family time.

Pay in cash

Aside from rent and bills, try paying in cash whenever you can. When you create your budget you can see roughly how much you spend on food, petrol and other things. Paying in cash for these things will make you aware of how much you are spending and make you conscious of your budget.


Shop in bulk

Buying in bulk will especially be helpful for families. Bulk items will stop you from having to make last minute trips to the shops all the time. Buying the things you know that your family frequently uses in large quantiles is going to help you save money.

Shop around

Many people will use the same utility companies for years. However most companies will offer incentives for switching. Additionally, you many even find that you can save money on your energy, light or even internet with another provider.

Saving money on utility bills are great money saving hacks

Ditch the car

When ever you can try other modes of transportation. Take the train, walk or even cycle. These options are going to save you money on petrol but also on the general wear and tear of your car.

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