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National Fostering Group launches ‘Campaign by Kids’ to dispel myths about fostering

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Campaign by Kids gives a voice to children – who are at the heart of fostering – and asks them to share their unique thoughts and feelings on what it is like being part of a fostering family and what matters to them.

Since its launch, the initiative has inspired hundreds of creations by kids, from poetry to drawings, animations, comics, photos and videos.

Campaign by Kids will run throughout 2021, each month addressing a different misconception about fostering, and giving children the microphone to share their experiences.


A compelling launch video, filmed by children and young people, sends a message about the life-changing impact fostering has on building futures for vulnerable children.

Spokesperson, Annie Winter, said, “Children are at the heart of everything the National Fostering Group does. The campaign is about seeing fostering from their perspective and uncovering who they are, their ambitions, interests and talents.”

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