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The fun bug: things to do with a sick child

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Nurofen share their top 10 fun activities to do with a poorly child.

It can be especially tough on you when your child is ill. Of course they need to rest in order to get better – but as any parent knows, this might not always be too easy. To help you out, Nurofen has listed some fun (but not tiring) activities to do together with your kids at home when they are full of a bug.

  1. Build them a fort out of pillows and sheets as a secret hiding place from the evil germs. Fill with their favourite stuffed animals, books or toys.
  2. Take a stroll down memory lane together and go through old baby pictures in your family photo albums.
  3. If they have enough energy, create a scavenger hunt around the room and ask your child to find five things that are red or start with the letter B.
  4. Watch a film at home together and snuggle up on the sofa.
  5. Take out their favourite board games and play a gentle game together.

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