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Try these healthier alternatives to Halloween candy

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Do you know that there are healthier options your little ones can consume this Halloween?

Halloween is a free pass to stock up and eat candy, guilt free. Although, guilt occasionally raise its heavy head when we see our excited kids attacking and consuming all the different candies they collect.

It’s important to know then what they’re eating and what we’re giving out to other kids. Take a look at some of our healthier alternatives to try out this season.

Sugar free lolly pops

CandyThey’re plenty of sugar free lolly pops available in the market, such as Chupa Chups, Zollipops and Simpkins. These pops are equally delicious (available in an assortment of flavours) and use Stevia as a sweetener. With no sugar, these pops are kinder to your teeth and overall, a better option for your kids. Check out Chupa Chups pack of 50 pops available here.

Chocolate coated raisins

Most kids love raisins. They’re used to having them as part of their lunch boxes or daily snacks. Why not make it a little more special this Halloween? Make room for Chocolate quoted mini raisins snack packs. These treats mix a small dose of chocolate into a healthy and guilt free snack. Available here. 

50 Calories of less

We can’t completely say no to chocolate. But we can make sure the ones we eat are low on calories. Interestingly, all chocolate brands now make bite size snacks. Some of the ones that are 50 calories or less include: Airheads Mini Bars, Kit Kat Miniatures, Milky Way Minis, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures and Snickers Miniatures. It’s easy to lose count and overdo it on these though – so try to keep an eye out for how many your little one is having.

Remember not to let the pile of treats tempt you for the entire month of November. Once the Halloween ends, it’s time to say goodbye to the treats.