How to stay fit without leaving home

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Hate the idea of a crowded gym where you have to wait for machines to be free before working out?

Well you’re not alone. There has been a surge in popularity in the ‘at home workout’. Fitness apps, weight loss programmes and Instagrammers have all been turning their backs on the traditional gym environment for a more personal way to keep fit.

For example, investing in a treadmill is a great addition to any home gym. It’s one of the most flexible pieces of exercise equipment you can find as they’re known for being great for cardio workouts, which promotes a healthy heart. Some may be surprised to hear a treadmill can also be used for a killer muscle building workout too.

Naturally, a treadmill workout focuses on the lower body, both the quads and hamstrings are engaged, increasing the incline will workout the glutes and calves further. It also strengthens the abdominals as you maintain your balance whilst running.

Don’t forget, any additional fat you carry is covering the definition of those muscles. A mix of cardio and muscle building will gradually reveal those muscles and improve your health and fitness levels. This article reveals just a few reasons why staying fit at home with a treadmill is the best.

Get fit around a busy schedule

The treadmill is a great tool, suitable for all fitness levels and offers a convenient workout for the time poor. If you have a tight schedule, as parents often do, exercising can often be the first thing to be neglected. A treadmill in your home means you can squeeze in workouts at any moment you find yourself free.

You can choose your treadmill workout type based on how much time you have. For instance, you’ve got 15 minutes – go for a high intensity workout and give it all you’ve got for that short burst. Or perhaps you’ve got a whole hour – try a lower intensity interval workout using the incline and speed to increase intensity, and rest between intervals.

Get some ‘me time’

It’s important to set aside time to think and relax. Once you find your stride on the treadmill, at a pace which is challenging yet comfortable, it’s time to blast your favourite tunes or reflect in the quiet of your home as you run. 

Not to mention the feel-good factor of finishing a good workout which will increase your well-being both mentally and physically. Once you start thinking of your workouts as ‘me time’, you might stop dreading them and start looking forward to that uninterrupted time to be by yourself.

Be competitive with yourself

Treadmills are great for tracking progress and increasing fitness over time. The main reason being the ability to keep all variables such as incline, terrain and even room temperature the same. Then you can work on increasing speed and endurance.

Channel that competitive spirit by pushing yourself each day to go just a little further or run for one minute longer. There is a plethora of fitness tracking apps which can help you track and share your progress, which could be just the motivation you need to reach a new personal best.

Whatever your starting point, a home gym including a treadmill will be a fantastic way to stay fit without leaving your home. Goodbye crowded gym, hello fitness!