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Making healthy school packed lunches for your child

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Here are some healthy alternatives to keep your child’s lunch fun and healthy.

It’s easier than you think to turn your child’s sugar-heavy packed lunch into more of a healthy-heavy one with these simple swaps.

Crips vs. baked apple chips

Who doesn’t want a salty, crunchy snack at some point during the day? By baking apple slices, you are offering your child a healthier alternative while sneaking in some more fruit into their day. For recipe ideas, check out this super simple recipe you and your children will love.

Juice vs fruit-infused water

Juice is another fan favourite among the little people. With all of its sugary content, it’s easy to see why children love it. Try adding your pick of fruit to a gallon of water the day or night before school. Anything from lemons, cucumbers or even berries will add a natural fruit flavour and make drinking water a little more fun.

Chocolate bars vs. granola bars

While you can always opt for dark rather than milk chocolate. Another fun swap would be to make your own granola bars. A fun project that you can make with your little ones, will add another way to sneak in fruits, nuts, and even oats into your child’s diet. Check out some recipes here.

Lunchables pizza vs. pita bread pizza

There’s something about putting all the toppings on a pizza yourself that gives children the satisfaction of making something on their own. Why not give that same sense of independence with a healthier option? Pita bread makes an excellent substitute for crust. While pesto can be used for sauce. You can even cut up some veggies and cheese to add fun toppings to your child’s pizza.

Sweets vs. fruit

A sweet treat is always something to look forward to after eating all your food. We can add this sweet treat in the form of fruit. Pomegranates, grapes, or even clementine oranges are naturally sweet and easy for little hands to manage. Read more ways to add fruit into your child’s diet here.