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6 ways to become a more active family

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Find out how to incorporate more fitness into your family’s daily routines with these great ideas.

In a world that is rapidly being taken over by technology, it’s easy to lack in the amount of physical activity we need to sustain healthy lives. Children are especially at risk, with the increasing popularity of video games and smartphones. They spend a lot of their time staring at screens. However, a great way to combat this is to incorporate more physical activities that you and your children will love.

We are a society that spends more and more of our time sitting. Whether it’s your job that requires you to sit in front of a computer all day or even children who spend the majority of their day sitting in at a desk at school. It’s easy to get roped into this sort of lifestyle and to leave off any extra physical activity during your free time.

Children who grow up with an active and healthy lifestyle are more likely to continue it into their teenage and then adult years. By setting this example for our children, we can help them learn and understand why it is so important to make health and fitness a priority. Sure, we are all busy and adding one more thing into our already jam-packed schedules may seem impossible. But physical activity can come in many shapes and sizes and doesn’t need to take up a significant amount of time. Any amount, even if it’s just a little bit can make a big impact on yours and your family’s lives.

Six ideas for becoming a more active family:

  • Make working out a family event. Read more on how to exercise together here.  
  • Take a trip to your local playground.
  • A game of hide-and-seek for rainy days.
  • Check out your local community centre for children’s and family activities.
  • Yoga is not just for adults, check out this library for child friendly yoga here.
  • Take a walk around the neighbourhood.

These are just a few ideas of ways to incorporate fitness into your lives. But there are endless ways to get your family moving and grooving. So, get up and get going!