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How to ‘eat’ more water

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Here is a quick guide on what fruits and vegetables can increase your water intake and help you stay hydrated.

It may seem difficult to keep up with the age-old myth of drinking eight glasses of water a day. Eating your water is great alternative to drinking glass after glass. This is also a great way for children to drink more water and stay hydrated. Fruits and vegetables are naturally high in water content as well as carrying the essential nutrients our bodies need. Check out a list of recipes to use here.

Try starting with these fruit and vegetables to knock those eight glasses of water out of the park.


Not only do pineapples contain anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting properties, they also aid in digestion and are 87 per cent water.


This crunchy vegetable is not only good for dipping into ranch dressing. Celery is among one of the highest water-based vegetables with 95 per cent of its content being water.


Cucumbers have been known to reduce facial irritations and swelling. But this super fruit is more than just a spa accessory. It is 96 per cent water and is also high in vitamin C.


Spinach is 92 per cent water and makes the perfect accompaniment in salads, side vegetables and even smoothies. While picking this vegetable to pair along with your next dish, you are boosting your water consumption. Spinach is 92 per cent water.


Just like the name sounds. This refreshing fruit is almost all water, with its content being 92 per cent. Watermelon is great to have on a hot summer day.

These are just a few ideas of foods to add into your diet. There are also other ways to stay hydrated to pair along with eating more water.  Things such as carrying a water bottle with you or introducing more tea into your diet can also help. For more ideas on how to stay hydrated read along here.