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Why parents should do a British Red Cross first aid course

British Red Cross
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

We recently tried out a British Red Cross baby and child first aid course and were very impressed.

As parents, especially those with smaller children, we can’t underestimate the importance of having some basic first aid knowledge. Whether it’s helping with a small burn or knowing what to do if a baby begins to choke, learning the right way to respond isn’t difficult, and can make a massive difference in an emergency.

Which is why we tried out British Red Cross’s baby and child first aid course last week. Over two evenings, for two hours per session, we learnt a handful of basic first aid techniques aimed at little ones.

What we loved about it was the fact that it was done in a small group (12 in ours), providing a sense of intimacy when it came to learning as opposed to just being one person in a huge, impersonal group. Our trainer was also lively, friendly and knowledgeable – all of which encouraged participants to freely ask questions and learn in the process.

From watching videos to practising what we’d learnt on specially designed baby and child dolls, each session was held in a relaxed yet with-a-purpose manner.

Though this list isn’t exhaustive, we covered situations such as:

  • Helping a choking baby or child
  • Helping a child with a burn
  • Treating a baby or child who is heavily bleeding
  • Helping an unresponsive baby who is not breathing
  • Treating a head injury
  • Helping a child who is having an asthma attack

By the end of the course, we felt much more confident and knowledgable when it came to first aid for babies and children. We would highly recommend every parent to try out British Red Cross’s course as knowing you can help your child in an emergency is a comforting thought.

To book a baby and child first aid course or to find out more visit British Red Cross.