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The game-changing gym for busy people

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Check out this urban fitness studio in London for an alternative workout and change to your routine.

Located three minutes away from London’s lively Tottenham Court Road station, Grow challenges the traditional settings of most gyms. The urban fitness studio offers group classes, holding up to 10 people, as well as personal training classes.

Grow provides an original workout concept. Each class is 45 minutes long and available at various times throughout the day – convenient for someone looking to exercise who works around the city centre. The gym provides high-intensity classes, making it not only rapidly effective but also entertaining.

Adaptable classes

Every class is adaptable for people who are not comfortable going to a regular fitness club, and even for those who have certain injuries. The workouts focus on cardiovascular exercises with rowing machines, high in intensity but low in impact. Moreover, the rowing machine makes for an effective workout technique as it works every part of the body. There is a new workout challenge for every class, ensuring your body will always be working on a different muscle.

Grow is a welcoming space for any people of any age and fitness level. The gym encourages people to follow their own pace and each workout is accompanied by energetic music mixes and coloured lights, suited for different exercise intensity.

Community workout

The cool lights effect and loud music are not the only motivating aspects of the gym. Grow’s classes are created for small groups of people. A group workout makes it seem like a community is working towards the same goal as a group, rather than just as individuals. This sense of community contribute to people’s motivation to work harder and come back to challenge themselves.

Grow offers some worthwhile deals, such as if you sign up with a partner, the total cost is split between you both. Also, the first class is free. However, you can try seven days of unlimited classes for £30.

For more information about Grow’s prices visit their website.