Tonic Health: the first all-natural vitamin winter drink

Tonic Health
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

From school runs to dinner prep, stay invincible this winter with Tonic Health.

In the words of Jon Snow, “Winter is coming,” and that means one thing – germs are quite literally in the air.

We all know back to school time and the onset of winter weather can be challenging for our immune system, so it may be time to start your day with something a little stronger.

Introducing Tonic Health Vitamin Drinks – the all-natural and all-powerful brew designed to keep you going this winter.

Did you know that most children will have around six colds a year? So it’s no surprise as a result that families can sometimes feel a little run down.

Stay on top during winter

Collaborating with Nutritional Medicine scientists, Tonic Health’s unique, natural and vegan friendly formula uses a combination of high dose vitamin C, D and Zinc combined with real plant extracts in a hot soothing drink to help you stay on top of your game during these colder months.

Dr. Jenna Macciochi, Immunologist says, “A dose of extra vitamins such as C, D and minerals such as Zinc have been shown to help the immune system and can reduce symptoms when taken at the first sign of a cold.”

Until now, the only option for winter aid has been paracetamol-based medicines which only target symptom relief rather than what we really seek – complete recovery!

Why Tonic Health is unique

  • Tonic is the highest dose on the market – 50 per cent stronger than comparable products and three times stronger than a Berocca.
  • Tonic is the only natural winter immunity supplement on the market with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners which have been shown to be immune inhibitors.

Tonic Health is available in two flavours – Elderberry & Blackcurrant and Lemon & Honey – and is new on the shelves this winter RRP £5.99 at Ocado, Pharmacies Nationwide and

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