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The dangers of Christmas drinking

Port of Call
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

A new infographic lays bare just how much damage Christmas drinking can do…

Pointing out the potential pitfalls of Christmas drinking might make you feel like a party-pooping Scrooge. But the reality is that the festive season is when many drink related incidents peaks. It’s also the time when the fears and worries of those who are concerned about their drinking, or that of others, heightens.

A new analysis by addiction advice and rehab referral service Port of Call, shows drink drive accidents reach a high at Christmas, there is evidence reports of domestic violence (which often involves alcohol) increase and people’s fears over alcoholism peak. The festive weeks are shown to be the time when Google searches for the term ‘alcoholic’ hit a high.

Whilst no one is saying letting your hair down at Christmas and enjoying a glass or two of bubbly outside of the ordinary isn’t ok, being aware that many of us go too far over the festive period may just help each of us to look out for each other. And be there to offer support and compassion if one of those people turns out to be us or our loved ones.

Not everyone who ends up as one of the shocking drink related A&E admission statistics or making us of a hospital drunk-tank to sober up under supervision, will have an ongoing drink problem. But for some, an alcohol-related Christmas crisis will be the tip of the iceberg of a bigger issue.

Being prepared to prompt a conversation over the dangers of getting carried away at Christmas and to ask pertinent and compassionate questions of yourself or others if that happens, may just provide the lifeline someone really needs to stay safe or seek the help they need.

The shocking picture of how much damage Christmas drinking does laid bare in this infographic:

Provided by Port of Call.

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