Combating Stress: How to Prioritise Your Health

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Stress is one part of life that most people are more than happy to resign themselves to, even if they have more control than they realise.

The trouble is how easily stress incorporates itself into everyday life – it tends to make people feel helpless.

The first thing to remember is that no matter how bad stress can be, you can fight it. You have more control over your stress than you might think, and many people don’t realise how their thoughts affect overall stress levels. This guide will tackle a step-by-step process to prioritise your health.

Using wellness products to your advantage

If you want to get on the road to health and wellness, start with the wellness products you can use to improve your lifestyle. Coffee is often a good idea as it gives the body a burst of energy, though too much of anything can be troublesome. That said, coffee is still considered a wellness product, and if you love coffee, you can use it as positive reinforcement.

Of course, aside from coffee, tea, or even vitamins and supplements, you can also utilise other wellness products, such as a CBD hemp flower. If you’re still on the fence, know that these products have a list of potential health benefits. Not only does it have the potential to act as a natural painkiller, but it can also help deal with stress and anxiety. So, it’s a great potential wellness product to help you through the stressful parts of your day.

Taking hydration and your diet seriously

The next step is to ensure that you’re getting enough water and that your food gives you the nutrition you need. A typical home-cooked meal is often good enough for the latter, alongside mixing it with fruits and vegetables. There’s no need to cut off unhealthy foods, but you must take them in moderation and incorporate healthier foods into your diet.

With water, there’s no excuse not to get enough of it in your system. Chances are you have access to clean water and can likely drink water anytime. If you do, ensure that you’re drinking enough water throughout the day. It’s far too easy for people to neglect hydration, which is why it’s best to take it seriously starting this very moment.

If you drink and/or smoke, quit

You’d be surprised how much smoking and drinking can dictate the amount of stress you experience on a given day. While smoking is known for stress relief, it will only work for so long. The toll your body has to pay for smoking and/or drinking is far too much. If you’re a long-time smoker, quit. If you have issues with drinking, quit. It’s honestly that simple, and you have more control than you think. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

Aside from the best-practice methods above, ensure you get enough sleep during the day. You must get at least seven to eight hours of sleep. Prioritising your health is vital, but there’s no need to rush things, especially with exercise.

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