How to drink more water – staying hydrated

drink more water
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Being hydrated is essential, but how do we make sure we drink more water?

With the human body being up to 60% of water, you would think we had enough to keep us hydrated. However it doesn’t seem to be the case. In the UK, 85% of adults drink less than the recommended eight glass of fluids per day and for children, the percentage is just as high. Is there a secret to drink more water?

Water isn’t just important to keep your body hydrated, it also has a huge impact on both concentration and energy levels. Hence why it’s important children drink plenty of it.

This is something stay-at-home dad John Adams experiences with his two young girls. He says that he tries to find new ways to get his girls to drink more water, from fun drinking cups to adding squash to add more flavour.

Tap water, bottled water and sparkling water can be uninteresting to kids

But is it as simple as getting fancy cups and adding flavour?

Robinsons’ Constant Dietitian, Helen Bond says there are other things you can do to make sure everyone in the family drinks enough water.

She shares her top eight tips on staying hydrated.

1.      Introduce some variety
One of the easiest ways to make sure you are consuming adequate intakes of water is to keep your cupboards stocked with different options that make drinking water more exciting. This can be as simple as having fruit squash with no added sugar or herbal teas in the cupboards.

2.      Make it part of your morning routine
After the overnight fast, water levels in the body are low. So having a cup of tea or water, and some water-rich fruit with your morning breakfast is a great way of ensuring you and your family starts the day feeling refreshed and energised.

3.      Buy BPA-free re-useable water bottles
You can purchase fun personalised ones to fill up and take out and about. Aim to refill the bottle, at least once or twice, to encourage you to carry on drinking throughout the day.


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4.      Respond to your body 
Sometimes you feel the need to eat but it can simply be your body telling you that it is needs to be re-hydrated. So to relieve a dry mouth, try sipping water or other low calorie drinks to satisfy the urge, instead of turning to food.

5.      Keep topped up
If you have been to the gym or done any exercise, bear in mind that your water requirements will increase due to losses in sweat. Be sure to carry a bottle of water with you to sip before, during and afterwards.

6.      Have a glass of water before mealtimes
Have a big glass of water as a starter when eating will give you another opportunity to reach your daily water quota. It has also been proven to help you lose weight over time.

7.      Rev up your energy levels
Be mindful that thirst can disguise itself as tiredness, so for maximum energy keep well-watered. Dehydration is one of the biggest causes of fatigue and lack of energy. Even slight dehydration can leave you feeling lethargic, so drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day will help you feel more alert.

8.  Hot drinks can be cool
What you might not realise, is that hot drinks can not only warm your cockles, but they can help fulfil your daily hydration needs too. This even includes caffeinated drink such as tea and coffee.