The Stonehealth Clinic – My experience

Stonehealth clinic
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

If you want a professional massage with medical expertise, I would recommend The Stonehealth Clinic by Bank station in the City of London.

I booked what I thought was a standard aromatherapy treatment at The Stonehealth Clinic to relieve a few muscular problems in my lower back caused by stress. From my personal experience, I thought a sports massage might be the solution.

As I regularly have massages in London as well as internationally, I like to think that I have become quite a critique on knowing a good masseuse from a bad one.

From the moment I met my medically trained Stonehealth practitioner, she was very welcoming & asked relevant questions about how I felt and where I had discomfort. She identified some problem areas – ones I didn’t realise I had – from various pressure points in the lower half of my body.

From this diagnosis, she knew exactly what treatment was needed, and changed the aromatherapy treatment and oils to a medical massage to treat the problem.

Although some of it was slightly painful, she totally understood what she was doing. This helped me instantly have faith that it was helping.

She got to the root of the problem and applied the right pressure and created blood flow in the areas that needed it. With her confidence, friendly approach and medical expertise, I was totally assured that I was in good hands and it exceeded my expectation of the treatment and service by Stonehealth Clinic!

I instantly felt the benefits and for days after I had little to no pain whatsoever. Since this experience I have  become a regular client and always look forward to my treatments.

I can highly recommend Stonehealth Clinic and especially the treatment I went in to review, but came out signing up for as a paying client.
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