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Teach your toddler how to eat at the table

Meal time
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Follow these tips to make sure that your toddler learns how to eat together well as a family at the table.

Once your little one is a little bigger, it’s time to introduce them to the meal table – which can have its issues. But follow the below advice and you should find the transition to table a much easier process.

Serve the right-sized portions

It’s easy to overestimate how much food a little stomach should eat. Always try and start with couple of tablespoons as small portions are less overwhelming, while bigger portions may encourage overeating.

Never negotiate

It’s ok to encourage kids to “try one bite” but don’t fall into the trap of negotiating with them. Prepare and serve healthy meals and let them decide what to eat.

Beaba Silicone Meal Set

Invest in a decent meal set

It goes without saying that you don’t want to be giving your toddler the same breakable plates as adults. This is where a good meal set designed for little ones comes in handy. The Beaba Silicone Meal Seat (RRP £16.99) is a great choice.  It will help develop your child’s confidence as the silicone material makes it nice and easy to grip and the spoon easier to hold. The set comes with one cup, plate, bowl and spoon. Plus, it includes suction cups to help prevent any spillages. It’s suitable from four months upwards.

Encourage family meals

Set your toddler’s place at the family table. It’s good for them to see their parents and siblings eating together and eating healthy foods. Kids eat a more nutritious diet when they regularly have meals as a family together.

Create positive peer pressure

Toddlers are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables if they see their peers eating them, so look for opportunities where they can eat healthy foods with friends.