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Family been framed!

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Discover ten types of photos that every family should print for the home and where to put them.

Child development expert and family psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer has partnered with Canon to outline the top ten photographs that every family should print off and display.

1. A candid photograph: Natural photos reflects a person’s personality, whether it’s an energetic toddler running around or capturing someone by surprise, helping children value the diverse and unique people around them.

2. A baby photograph: Children love seeing themselves as a baby in photographs.  This helps them to develop a sense of identity.

3. The family unit photograph: A family picture reminds a child that they are loved and have a central place within the unit.

4. A club/team photograph: A team sports or classmate photograph helps a child feel part of their friendship group and increases their confidence levels.

5. An everyday photograph: Activities such as playing after school, walking the dogs or helping mum gardening are important to reinforce a child’s routine and re-affirm lasting memories.

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