Stay dry with GANT shirts

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Want to stay dry on your bike in 2018? Then GANT can help you out.

Did you know that GANT, famous for quintessential preppy style, now also offers a collection that keeps your cool when living in the big city? From shirts, chinos to hidden reflective panels, the collection is inspired by people who’s lives are as fast paced as they are career driven. Forget resolutions and Get into Gear in 2018 with GANT.

Their Tech Prep collection enhances the timeless GANT look with smart technology that supports an active lifestyle. Innovative fabrics give a buttond-up look but a feeling of freedom. Quick-drying, breathable fabrics withGANT improved wicking are engineered to keep you cool, dry and comfortable – whether you are jumping into a meeting, jumping onto a plane, or just meeting up with friends.

For a smart office look pick the TECH PREP™ OXFORD STRIPE, the different coloured yarns gives the classic weaves a beautiful color-medley effect, ranging from solids to bold GANT plaids in blue and red. The Tech Prep material is fully breathable, fast drying and high wicking – characteristics that are perfect for an active lifestyle.

GANTOr throw on the TECH PREP™ WOOL SOLID. The finish on this shirt with Tech Prep is made with PCM impregnated wool fabric to hold the wearer’s temperature at a perfect 37.5 degrees. This process was scientifically developed for astronauts and combines function with great hand-feel. This high-tech performance garment comes in beautiful plain twill weaves as well as sporty check and plaid designs.