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Why Ronaldo is wearing the same clothes as his son

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Has Ronaldo started a trend of fathers and sons wearing matching clothes?

We all know that Ronaldo is a Real Madrid footballer, Ballon d’Or winner, and Portuguese legend. But…

He is also a proud father-of-four. Ronaldo is father to seven-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, twins Mateo Ronaldo and Eva Maria, born in June last year, and daughter Alana Martina who was born a few months later in November .


Ronaldo’s son’s clothing line

And yes, we’ve all heard about mothers who match with their daughters. But now fathers are too. Ronaldo’s latest venture is his son’s Cristiano Ronaldo Jr’s clothing line CR7 Junior, who is proving to be a complete mini-me of the footballer.

Matching your child can often be a way to feel closer to him; not only is his son his young lookalike, but he also shares the same passion for football as his dad. Is this the new fashion for fathers? It seems to be becoming increasingly popular, especially on Pinterest and Instagram where men are embracing this closeness with their children, and not feeling as though this is a typical maternal stereotype. And if Ronaldo does this, why shouldn’t we?

Do men really love to shop?

Men (secretly) enjoy shopping as much as women, even though it may be a quicker in-and-out process, everyone loves a new wardrobe, and perhaps buying matching outfits will allow you to build a stronger bond, as you can use this to share your passions with your child, such as owning matching football shirts.

Shopping with your son from an early age is also good for bonding and creating a comfortable and trusting relationship. Young boys will soon go through different stages in their life, where they will inevitably have questions for you, the sooner you allow them to feel comfortable around you, the easier they will find it to ask you for advice.

Bonding with your children in this way is not limited to relationships with a son, daughters need that same love and affection, and may appreciate the shopping trip a little more.