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5 reasons to cook with your children

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

We know eating together as a family improves happiness, relationships and health. But what about cooking together?

According to a recent survey conducted by, millions of parents rarely or never cook with their children. Some of the most common reasons named are that children aren’t interested in cooking or because the parents believe their own abilities are subpar.

But there are great reasons to encourage your kids’ participation in cooking for the whole family, making it a beneficial – and fun – activity for everyone. We’ve gathered the top five best reasons for starting today.

Massive improvement of their independence

The simple act of participating in cooking will grow your child’s independence. As they grow older, they will already be used to simpler kitchen tasks and be able to shoulder a greater load, making them feel more capable of working in the kitchen. By letting them take part in your daily activity, you will teach them that cooking can be fun and give them a sense of fulfilment when it’s a success.

Excellent life skill to learn

Everyone has to learn how to cook at some point in their lives, so why not start sooner rather than later? Equipping your kids with the necessary skills early in their lives will soften the blow by the time they get their own first flat or move into university accommodation. That way, you’ll be saving them from the usual fate of eating beans on toast every single day.

Smashing opportunity for bonding

When seen as just another daily task, we often forget that cooking can be fun. Especially when done as a family, you can try new recipes, talk to your child while cooking, and just turn it into an engaging and entertaining activity. You might be surprised how much joy both you and your child can get from cooking if you turn it into a special bonding time.

Great enhancement of their skills in other areas

A lot of the activities included in cooking are also required when they go to school. This includes measuring, cutting, as well as a certain amount of concentration. Having grown up doing these things in their spare time, they will have a head start in various subjects.

Boost in creativity

Cooking is a highly creative act. You see a project through from its initial conception until you have the completed dish. And you can always experiment with new recipes or alter them according to your own will or your kids’ taste. By encouraging your children to be equally experimental and teaching them the ins and outs of cooking, you will introduce them to a form of creation which will also boost their creativity in other instances.

Whether you love or hate cooking, these five reasons show that there are only benefits in cooking as a family. It’s fun and has a whole range of personal benefits to them. Bon Appétit!