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Here’s how to add more veggies into your family’s diet

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Here are some creative ways to add more vegetables into your diet that’s fun for the entire family.

If you struggle to make your children eat vegetables every day, then you can always make them loads more fun and, with it, appealing for them.

Put vegetables on display

Probably one of the easiest ways is to make vegetables a quick and accessible snack. Prewash, cut, and place veggies in easy reach for everyone. This can be the forefront of your fridge or a snack bowl on the table. Your children will be more likely to eat something that they can reach for themselves and it’ll be a good reminder for you to eat some too.

Ooodles of zoodles

Zucchini, carrots, and even squash are just some of the vegetables that can take the place of pasta dishes. You can invest in a spiralizer or a simple peeler will also do the trick. Check out a simple zoodle recipe here.

Cauliflower mashed potatoes

Just how we use zoodles to replace high carb pasta, we can also use cauliflower to replace many of the traditional carb dishes. Cauliflower can take the shape of mashed potatoes, rice, it can even be the crust for your next homemade pizza. Read over this fun recipe for cauliflower mac and cheese here.


Another great way to increase your veggie intake is juicing. Particularly for those on the go. You can juice anything from kale to carrots, or a mixture of fruit and vegetables. With all-natural sugars and ingredients, there’s no need to worry about any added preservatives or high sugar content. You can make these juices ahead of time, or when you’re on the go.

Fun shapes

We’ve all been told to not play with our food. However, adding an element of fun is a sure way to spike your child’s interest. Vegetables in fun shapes are more intriguing to children than ones just lying blandly on their plates. Vegetable bugs or flowers for example, will not only be fun for you to create but also fun for your child to eat. Check out some fun shapes here.

Grow your own

Another great way to incorporate more vegetables is to grow your own. This process is much easier than one would think and is a great way to teach your little ones all about the different vegetables there are. Read more here.