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Why you should be eating breakfast everyday

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Here are three reasons why breakfast is important and how to make it a daily habit.

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. But so many of us are skipping it. But breakfast sets the tone for the rest of day, and this is why…

A good breakfast will fuel your body

Eating a solid breakfast sets your body up for the rest of the day. People who eat breakfast are less likely to binge on sugary things like doughnuts, candy bars, or other quick fix breakfasts. When you eat in the morning you are more likely to stay fuller for longer.

Breakfast provides you with more energy

Not only does breakfast keep you full, it also provides energy that is necessary for you to complete your day. With a full stomach, you’ll be able to focus better and for longer. You’ll have more energy to get through that morning workout or be more productive in your morning meeting.

Eating in the morning helps maintain weight

Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast in the morning are less prone to weight gain and obesity. So if you’ve been working out and wondering why you’re not losing weight, this could be the reason. People who don’t eat breakfast have a tendency to eat foods that are full of sugar and carbs when lunchtime rolls around, which can lead to weight gain.

So now that you know why you should be eating breakfast every day, you may be wondering how to make it a daily routine?

Wake up a little earlier

Nobody wants to lose sleep. But waking up even 30 minutes earlier can give you enough time to fuel your body for the rest of the day.

Prepare breakfast ahead of time

There are tons of breakfast options that you can make ahead of time that will make great on-the-go options. Breakfast egg muffins are simple and can make enough for an entire week at one time. There are endless ingredients that you can add and is a great way to keep breakfast from becoming boring.

Keep a tracker

Keep track of all the days you have breakfast and watch how easily this becomes a routine. Bullet journals make great trackers or you can just note it down on your phone. Either way is ideal for making yourself accountable.