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Coco Pops Cereal Range Extended

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Kellogg’s has extended its number one kid’s cereal range, Coco Pops to include Coco Pops Chocos, Coco Pops Mega Pops and Coco Pops Loops – giving you a reason to jump out of bed and get your crunchy, chocolatey milk fix! 

Each of the Coco Pops cereals offer a different shape and texture, adding variety to your morning breakfast bowl:

  • Coco Pops Chocos, gently curved shell-shaped pieces, the perfect vessel for scooping up milk.
  • Coco Pops Mega Pops, giant-sized Coco Pops for a more fulfilling mouthful in every bite.
  • Coco Pop Loops, satisfyingly round doughnut-shaped crunchy loops.

All three varieties showcase the iconic Coco Pops chocolate taste whilst transforming your milk into that much-loved chocolatey swirl. The trio of cereals are also made with no artificial colours or flavours, making them an excellent breakfast choice.

Since 2017, Kellogg’s has reduced sugar in Original Coco Pops by 50 per cent to help families make healthier choices in the morning.

Kellogg’s Coco Pops range is available from most major supermarkets in the UK.

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