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Shrinking sweets? How about bringing these back!

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

It’s official. Sweet and chocolate bars are shrinking in size.

Research by the Office for National Statistics found that 2,529 supermarket staples have been shrinking in the past five years. With sweets and chocolate being the most affected. However, annoyingly, the prices have stayed in accordance with inflation.

Shrinking shrinking gone…

But what about the confectionaries that carried on shrinking into non-existence? Here are the six that we think should reappear in shops, pronto.




Like a Flake, but covered in chocolate. And blooming gorgeous to munch on. We miss that whipped, nougat-style centre as much as we miss the next one.


A Cadbury chocolate bar fashioned into two straws. The best way to eat them was to drink your tea through them – then the middle went all melty and lovely. Clever Cadburys.

Kit Kat Caramac

Caramac is one of the sweetest (literally) sweets around. So when they combined it with a Kit Kat in 2005, it was like two heavens colliding. However the only problem was, being the snappable finger format, people always expected you to share.

Wispa Mint

Tucked inside that shiny green wrapper was every mint chocolate lover’s dream. Sweet, bubbly chocolate with a hint of peppermint. If they bring these back, we’re hiring a couple of trucks and filling them right up.



Cadbury Snowflake

The geniuses at Cadbury decided to put their white ‘Dream’ chocolate inside a standard flake and blow our taste buds to sweet smithereens. But these beauties are no longer available. And come to think of it, has anyone seen a Dream bar recently?

Terry’s Pyramint

Remember how at Christmas there’d always be several boxes of chocolate mints doing the rounds? And you’d gorge on them regardless of how ill you feel in the process? Terry’s Pyramint and its ingenious pyramid packaging is sorely missed come the festive season.