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Hair Trends for Autumn/Winter 2017

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Autumn/Winter is coming. And with it a whole new look. Make those colder months look good with these tips from hair experts Ellison.

Hair Trends 2017

Stock up on hair gel because the latest autumn/winter hair trends require you to use a lot of it.

With shorter cuts and perfected styles coming into fashion it may well be time for a trip to the barber for some well-deserved grooming. So dive in and discover your next look for Autumn/Winter 2017!

The Cut

There’s no better place to start than with the all-important cut. Whether long or short if the cut’s not right you’ll never achieve that overall look. Obviously, the best place to go is to your local barbers. This way you will be in the hands of a professional using the best equipment possible, like these clippers and trimmers from Ellisons.  

If keeping up with the trends is important to you, then here are a couple of cuts you may want to try:

The High Fade

Starting from just below the top of the head the hair slowly fades leaving a softer look than a complete grade 1 around the sides.

The Mid Fade

For those of you who like the longer look a mid fade may work better for you although you may find yourself popping to the barber’s more frequently.

The Low Fade

A faded cut ensures you have longer hair on top for styling purposes, so you guessed it, that’s next ‘The Style’.

The Style

Now you have the cut it’s time to get styling. This is where you will need all of those important products, whether gel, hairspray or pomade you will need a lot of it. You can’t rely on your barber to be there every morning you’re getting ready so make sure you pay attention.


Not quite an Elvis quiff but a bit subtler than that using lighter products to style. Using a hairdryer can also be a great way to prep the hair.

Perfected Spikes

We’re not going back to the noughties so these spikes a slightly less straight. Rather than using gel throughout the hair, placing just on the tips can achieve this look.

Slicked Back

Perhaps the simplest look although you’ll need slightly more product to get the perfect slicked back look, but you don’t want to look like Dracula so don’t paste to the head! Instead, use a comb to brush the hair back gently so that your hair has more bounce.

The Parting

When styling you have to also think of your parting. Slicked back or combed to the side, the look wouldn’t be complete without knowing if a parting is needed or not. This season a defined parting line is what’s trending and you may find that a distinctive line will also make styling simpler.