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How to say hello to healthy hair

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Open the door to healthy hair with Hairburst Vitamins for Men.

According to recent research, the average man worries about their appearance for 35 minutes EVERY single day. Does that sound right to you? Interestingly , the two aspects highlighted as what they worry most about are excess weight and hair loss. Loosing weight is far easier, just think about what you eat and practice self control. In comparison, combating hair loss is far harder. How do you make sure you have healthy hair?

Say hello to food for your hair – the UK’s leading hair vitamin brand, Hairburst, has announced the launch of a brand-new product. Aimed solely at male hair, these vitamins (priced at £24.99) have been developed to maintain healthy hair growth and hair pigmentation; and reduce hair loss. Containing over 31 vitamins and minerals, they will also support men’s daily health and vitality, at every stage of life.


Hairburst Hair Vitamins for Men have been specifically formulated with Biotin, Selenium and Zinc which contribute to the maintenance of normal hair, together with Copper to help maintain normal healthy hair pigmentation. The vitamins contain a large range of nutrients that help to maintain health and vitality in men and can slow down hair loss as the quality of hair and hair roots are improved, meaning hair won’t fall out as easily.

Hairburst Vitamins for Men offers the below benefits, when taken twice a day for an optimum period of three months:

  • Grow longer and stronger hair
  • Slows down hair loss
  • Help maintain healthy hair pigmentation
  • Improve overall hair health
  • Support normal function of the immune system
  • Support health & vitality

We all know how a bad hair can dampen your mood. So, take care of both your body and hair by having Hairburst Vitamins for Men. Which are strictly cruelty, gluten, dairy and nut-free, and suitable for vegetarians.