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Written by Steven White

Leading household appliance brand AEG delivers ultimate consumer experience with their products.

Whether it’s the Mastery Range of cooking appliances or its innovative laundry range, AEG delivers intelligent technology and responsive design that ensure exceptional performance and satisfied consumers, time after time.  

For parents, this means a seamless experience in the kitchen, allowing you to experiment with different styles of cooking, while AEG’s Mastery range acts as the perfect sous-chef. Imagine an oven that cooks a perfect roast chicken, without you setting the temperature or watching the timer, so you can spend precious time with the kids instead. Or a washing machine, with a world first softwater technology filter built in, that removes all impurities from the water, leaving your children’s clothes feeling softer and looking newer for longer.

Multifunction Ovens with Steambake

The use of steam is set to become a routine kitchen habit, allowing you to really experiment with your home baking for the family (the delicious chocolate muffins we baked in it made certain tiny stomachs very happy in the process). SteamBake technology has been added as standard across the entire range of AEG’s mid-level multifunction ovens.

With SteamBake, AEG aims to help consumers master a new level of flavour by adding steam to the cooking process, allowing users to create restaurant quality food at home

The technology behind SteamBake lies in a unique water reservoir and heating coil that can create a humid oven atmosphere. After the steam dissipates, dry hot air results in even browning, a smooth, crisp golden crust, and dough that is wonderfully soft and fluffy on the inside.

£549.99 | aeg.co.uk

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