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AEG: intelligent innovation

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Leading household appliance brand AEG delivers ultimate consumer experience with these four kitchen products.

Whether it’s the Mastery Range of cooking appliances or its innovative laundry range, AEG delivers intelligent technology and responsive design that ensure exceptional performance and satisfied consumers, time after time.  

For parents, this means a seamless experience in the kitchen, allowing you to experiment with different styles of cooking, while AEG’s Mastery range acts as the perfect sous-chef. Imagine an oven that cooks a perfect roast chicken, without you setting the temperature or watching the timer, so you can spend precious time with the kids instead. Or a washing machine, with a world first softwater technology filter built in, that removes all impurities from the water, leaving your children’s clothes feeling softer and looking newer for longer.

Multifunction Ovens with Steambake

The use of steam is set to become a routine kitchen habit, allowing you to really experiment with your home baking for the family (the delicious chocolate muffins we baked in it made certain tiny stomachs very happy in the process). SteamBake technology has been added as standard across the entire range of AEG’s mid-level multifunction ovens.

With SteamBake, AEG aims to help consumers master a new level of flavour by adding steam to the cooking process, allowing users to create restaurant quality food at home

The technology behind SteamBake lies in a unique water reservoir and heating coil that can create a humid oven atmosphere. After the steam dissipates, dry hot air results in even browning, a smooth, crisp golden crust, and dough that is wonderfully soft and fluffy on the inside.

£549.99 | aeg.co.uk

8000 Series Washing Machine

This has a capacious capacity of up to 8KG. And you can wash loads over and over again using less energy and creating less noise than you’d expect.

With ÖKOMix technology, every trace of detergent and softener is pre-mixed with water, dissolving and activating it completely before it even enters the drum. For the first time ever with a washing machine, you can guarantee that every fibre is cleaned and cared for.

It includes ProSteam, which adds steam at the end of a wash cycle, while the Plus Steam option reduces wrinkles by up to one third.  Thanks to the ProSense functionality, loads are automatically weighed to work out the exact temperature and washing time needed, providing you with a tailored cycle. While the Time Save feature reduces your wash cycle time by up to 60%, giving you the option of fitting in your laundry around your day.

£799 | aeg.co.uk

8000 Series Tumble Dryer

Now you’ve washed all your family’s clothes to perfection, you can now tumble dry them with total confidence thanks to this clever tumble dryer.

Aside from boasting a 9kg capacity, only AEG dryers feature the OKOFlow Filter System. This is a very effective and energy efficient filter that’s easy to reach and clean, unlike the multiple filters on conventional dryers. 

The AbsoluteCare System also included has tailored programming to precisely control the movement and temperature of the drying cycle. Because of this, every fabric preserves it quality, look and feel – from your children’s softest wool sweaters to your regular business suits. In fact the AEG SensiDry technology ensures that fabrics are never subject to unnecessary heat.

The ProSense technology uses advanced humidity and temperature sensors to adjust the drying time and energy consumption for every size of load, be it a day’s or a week’s worth of washing. This is fantastic for saving time and energy, and especially beneficial for families then.

£729.99 | aeg.co.uk

ComfortLift Built In Dishwasher

The ComfortLift dishwasher is part of AEG’s Mastery range of kitchen appliances and the first of its kind to feature a unique rack that gently lifts the lower basket up for easy loading and unloading – and believe us it really feels smooth ­– ideal for when you have piles of family washing up to do.

It also features a three-drawer capacity, reliable cleaning and a sleek look.  One of the key USP’s is the extra Satellite Spray Arm that’s fitted to the end of the main arm. This extra arm rotates separately, spraying water into areas regular dishwashers may not be able to reach.

AEG offers effective and energy-efficient natural drying with AirDry technology, which automatically opens the dishwasher door on completion of the cycle. This allows moisture to leave the dishwasher and natural airflow to enter the machine to speed up the drying process, leaving dishes spotless.

£899.99 | aeg.co.uk

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