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How to clean your way to calmness

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Give your house a closer clean during lockdown to help you feel calm during this unique period.

We’re all familiar with the cleaning basics, but sometimes giving the house a good once-over isn’t enough to create a soothing space. An untidy home has been proven to make many of us feel unsettled and stressed, so having a declutter now and then can really do wonders for your state of mind.

There are certain places in our homes that need much closer attention than others, and we’ve picked out the following areas to focus your cleaning efforts on and help you feel calm.

Clear out the laundry room

Laundry rooms are the perfect little spaces for piles of clothes to stack up – and for forgotten household items to sit collecting dust without going noticed. It’s the practical room of the house, often getting inundated with clutter, and each family members pile of clothes, placed there for priority washing.

New research suggests that families can never quite shake the amount of washing that needs doing, with 65 per cent of Brits admitting they still rely on their parents to wash their clothes!

Although it’s the room most difficult to keep on top of, don’t be limited to only cleaning things that are in sight. Have a clear out of your laundry room to get rid of any unwanted items that haven’t been used in years before giving it a well-deserved deep clean.

You should also set a schedule for washing, so that the room is clear and calming – at least for a majority of the week!

Organise your bedroom

Bedrooms are our sanctuaries, and there are a few simple fixes to help you feel calmer in the most important room of the house. Storage plays a big part in making sure your bedroom is organised and feels tidy.

It’s good to store similar items in the same place and to organise by type so that things are always easy to find. Under bed storage is a great way to make sure smaller items such as socks, belts, and bags are all where they should be.

Use organising as an excuse to declutter and clean your room from top to bottom.

Give your sofa some love

Our sacred sofas are where we spend most of our time relaxing, so it’s no surprise that they are one of the most common places to find stains and endless amounts of pet hair.

You should pay attention to your sofa at least once a week, giving it a good vacuum where needed, plumping up the cushions, and washing cushion covers regularly. It’s best to pick up stains as soon as they happen, so you’re not left with any that stress you out and become a deeper problem.

Using fabric freshener when washing cushion covers can also help you to feel relaxed on your sofa, giving you that same ‘fresh sheet feeling’ for when you stick on the TV and try to relax.

Brighten up the bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is a regular task we all face – but sometimes this room really needs a deep clean. Every so often you should completely remove all items such as toiletries, washing baskets and free-standing furniture for a thorough spruce up.

You can start your cleaning routine with inexpensive natural cleaning products such as vinegar diluted with water for shiny taps and gleaming surfaces. You can also tackle the mould that lurks in bathroom grout with a little bleach on a toothbrush.

These small cleaning tips can give your bathroom an instant facelift and help you to feel relaxed when you next enter the room.

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