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Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity review

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Eufy’s debut cordless stick vacuum is well worth adding to your domestic necessities.

The trend for cordless stick vacuums in the family home is an easy one to understand. Any parent with a baby about the home will know how they love to chew on virtually their mouths can find, including vacuum cables.

With that in mind, Eufy – known more for smart home devices and appliances, such as their SpaceView baby monitor – has taken their first step into the cordless stick vacuum sector with the HomeVac S11 Infinity.

And it’s a belter…

Powerful motor

The first thing you’ll notice when taking it out of its packaging is the weight – it’s very light to hold. This means that it’s fantastically easy to move from room to room and especially when you want to reach up high to clean dust on the wall, for example.

Though of course, the first thing you really might notice is how beautifully designed it is. The two-tone colour works very well with the overall slim, sleek look of the vacuum. It even comes with a handy wall mount (which also doubles as the battery charging station, taking four hours per full charge) for it you want it on display.

But what about its capabilities when switched on?

Firstly, the 120AW suction power (when on max-mode) combine with a brushless DC motor is outstanding. It works just as effectively on carpet and rugs as it does on hard floor, from breakfast spillage to dog hairs.

Then there’s the decent battery life – you get about 40 minutes on the low power setting and eight minutes on the highest setting. But you’re most likely to keep it on the standard power setting, which gives you a good 25 minutes.

What we absolutely love, though, is that the S11 Infinity comes with a spare battery pack. This means that you can simply swap out the battery if it runs out mid-clean with the spare one – unbelievably convenient for when you need to do a particularly big clean around the home. (NB. There is also a cheaper model available, the S11 Go, with a single battery only.)

Accessories delight

The vacuum comes with a handful of attachments, such as a soft roller brush, a 2-in-1 crevice tool and mini-motorised brush. These attachments have you pretty much covered for cleaning larger areas to small, hard-to-reach corners. The extendable hose works wonderfully, too. Plus, the LED on the brush head make it a doddle to see in darker areas, for example under sofas.

When you need to empty the bin, it’s just a case of pressing a button to open a latch and then tap the dirt out into the bin. As hassle-free as you like.

This vacuum is undoubtably one of the best cordless stick vacuums around today. For families looking for there next (or even first) vacuum, the Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity is perfect place to start and end.

Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity is RRP £299.99 and available from Amazon.

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