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5 Hacks to open up small spaces in your home

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Check out these five tips to declutter and expand your home.

Moving into a flat or house with limited room can certainly be a struggle, especially if you have children. Yet small spaces can have still huge potential. With that in mind, follow this guide to maximise every inch of your home.

Multipurpose furniture

Having items that are dual purpose can be major lifesavers. Beds that lift up can help you store items you’ve run out of space for. Ottomans can be used for seating as well as storage. Islands with open shelves are also great places to keep extra kitchen items out of the way.

Use the walls

If you live in space that allows you to hang things on the wall, do it! Shelves are great way to store items without taking up space on counters. Add some extra shelves in the kitchen or bedroom to place extra pieces. Hang baskets from the ceilings to hold fruit and veggies. You can even DIY your own floating shelves.

Over the door shelves

If you cannot hang things on the wall, there are endless options for over the door storage items. These are perfect for any room. Use them for hanging towels in the bathroom, jackets and clothes for the bedroom or as a spice rack in the kitchen.

Foldable furniture

Maybe better than multipurpose furniture is furniture that you can fold away. Nothing is worse than a giant piece taking up you’re much needed space. Foldable chairs, laundry baskets, and even tables can be taken out when you need them and put away when you don’t.

Organise the clutter

Drawers are often messier than any other space in the house. Use dividers and organisers to declutter and clear out that space. It will instantly brighten your mood to open drawers that are nice and neat. Drawer organisers are also great for redecorating on a budget.