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World’s first social networking app for football fans

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Here’s how the world’s first family-friendly social media football app allow fans to interact and feel safer.

Our Game is the world’s first family-friendly football app allowing fans of the sport to interact and feel safer in a global online environment.

This social media platform screens out cruel and criminal behaviour by using a scoring system on the users’ behaviour. The new app uses a ‘social scoring’ system.

Darren Galvin, one of Our Game’s creator, says: “At a time when parents worldwide are worried about some of the insidious ways pedophiles and others with murky motives seek to contact children – most recently through the so-called Momo Challenge – our platform is good news.”

Our Game is a social media space where people can share their news, views and chat around football. The users’ interaction is subject to a social scoring system. Moreover, the application will litteraly boot someone out of the platform if their behaviour is particularly bad.

The new smartphone application perfectly suits anyone aged 13 and over. It is suitable for anyone wanting to share their passion for the sport and their clubs. The application’s maint goal is to avoid the threat of bullying, racism, sexism or verbal online abuse.

Our Game will officially launch on Tuesday 9th April. You can sign up to be among the first to experience it on Our Game’s website. The app will embrace all clubs from Premier League, right down to local grassroots league football clubs. Those who interact can do so freely and share their thoughts, opinions, feelings and aspirations for their club and their sport.