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5 unusual uses for ground coffee

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Coffee is more than just an early-morning life-force – here are five innovative uses for it you might not be aware of.

Ground coffee has many uses outside of creating a delicious, steaming-hot beverage. Try these five hacks and make the most of your coffee grounds.

Coffee scrub

Ground coffee works as excellent skin exfoliator. If you have a coffee grinder, you can grind your coffee at home (though make sure the grinds are made very fine). If not, shop-bought grounds will work just as well. Mix the grounds with your choice of coconut oil, olive oil or even honey. Then scrub away! This DIY coffee scrub works great for the face and any other areas of the body you’d like to smooth out.

Coffee truffles

Add a splash of flavour and energy to this tasty chocolate treat. Truffles are fun to make at home with the kids or to take as fancy dessert to your next dinner party. You can make countless variations with coffee either in ground or liquid form. Check out this super easy recipe here.

Aromatic paintings

How fun would it be to have a painting that is pleasing to the eyes and the nose? Your little ones will love paintings that enhance another on of their sense. Just mix-in some grounds with the paint and let the fun begin.

Pots and pans

Those pots and pans won’t scrub themselves. Sprinkle ground coffee to help scrub away tough spots on your kitchenware.

Biodegradable flower pots

Help your children discover their green thumbs with these fun flower pots. You can plant several different types of herbs that you can later transfer into a garden. All you’ll need for this project are items you probably already have floating around your kitchen. Combine water, flour and ground coffee into a small pot with whatever seeds decide to plant. This will also add a nice homey feel to your kitchen.