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3 tips for beginner golfers

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Fore! If you don’t understand what that means, maybe it’s time to read our tips for golfing newbies…

Golf can be a little overwhelming if you’re new to it, what with all its lingo, equipment and acres of green spaces to get to your head around. But it doesn’t have to be – follow these tips to help to get you started on the road to many holes-in-one .

Learn the lingo

The golfing world has its own slang that’s full of different terms and meanings. For example, the ‘green’ means the grass on which a course is established. A fairway is an area of the course with cut grass between the trees and the fields. ‘Fore!’ is shouted by golfers to warn others of an errant ball that could be heading their way. And let’s not forget about scoring terms such as ace, eagle, and triple bogey. Take some time to familiarise yourself with the terminology so you can fully understand language of the game.

Invest in proper golf wear

You definitely want to have the right type of clothing to wear on the green. Comfortable trainers that you can walk around in are a must. You’ll also want to wear fabrics that are lightweight and breathable. An absolute must will are golf gloves, as they help maintain a controlled grip on the golf club. One excellent example to set you on your way is the Inesis 500 Men’s Golf Glove available at Decathlon (RRP £9.99).

Inesis Golf Gloves | £9.99

Practise your stance

Having a proper golf stance and swing is crucial to your game. You want to have solid footing on the ground with your knees straight and a bend at the waist, all of which takes time and practice. Check out the numerous online resources for tips and videos to help you out.

Golfing is a good way to make some ‘you time’, something that all parents need, so take advantage of these tips and have fun.