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Things to consider when buying a new house

Moving home
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Here are four tips to consider when embarking on buying a new family house.

Investing in a new home is one of the most important purchases and life-choices you can ever make. Not only does it become the roof beneath which you’ll eat, sleep and perhaps share monumental moments like births and birthday parties, it’s also a solid financial investment.

Location, location, location!

It may feel a little bit clichéd, but the old mantra still rings true: location is vital when investing in a property. Of course you’ll look for a place within easy reach of family members and your children’s schools. But it’s worth looking at the bigger picture too and deciding whether the location will be (or is becoming) desirable for future buyers. Leafy green parks in the vicinity can boost your quality of life, a house on a hill may have better views. Accessible amenities and a community feel are brilliant, but if your neighbours’ window faces directly into your living room, you may – except where it stands. Choose wisely.

Storage saves space

One of the qualities sometimes overlooked by first-time buyers is storage space. We get so bogged down in the search for a south-facing kitchen or free-standing bath we may fail to consider the finer details of storing our stuff. But choosing a home with a great range of storage space is a prudent point to keep in mind while buying. Make it a priority to invest in a home with some built-in storage options, a spacious attic or basement and smartly-fitted shelving, as these additions can make the moving process slicker and keep life in general far better organised since everything will have its perfect place.

Keep the floor plan in mind

When choosing a family home to commit to for life (or at least a good while) it’s worthwhile to take some time mulling over the space and how it’s divided. Simply enough you’ll need to consider whether the home fits the people who’ll live in it: Are your children small enough to share a bedroom, and how will the space work for them as they grow? Would you be content to knock down a wall or should you keep looking for the open-plan kitchen-diner you’ve dreamed of? Get familiar with the floor plan of the property you’re buying and be sure you know how you’ll maximise the potential of each room.

Kitchen is a home’s heart (but don’t forget the bathroom)

Finally, look at the fittings and fixtures in the two vital spaces in your new home: the kitchen and bathroom. Having the spaces gutted, re-fitted or refurbished on a budget is doable, but it’s helpful to start with the best possible base to work with. Make sure your home has a gas – or electric – hob, according to your preference. Check your colossal fridge-freezer fits, or it’ll have to live in the hall. Test the toilet for a thorough flush and the shower for a hot, powerful flow. These details can quickly take you from ‘new house’ to ‘forever home.’