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The Weber SmokeFire Wood Grill Second Generation

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Weber has revolutionised outdoor cooking with its SmokeFire Wood Pellet Grill, and this year it’s back with an improved model.

This new edition of the grill boasts a range of new technological features such as Remote Grill Control so that you can adjust the temperature of your cook from the palm of your hand through a smartphone. There is also a bunch of practical improvements to elements such as the pellet chute to ensure an enhanced cooking experience.

Weber’s first pellet grill, SmokeFire, combines over 70 years’ expertise and has been developed in collaboration with the iconic brand’s army of Grill Masters to deliver superior cooking performance and ease of use.

The second generation of this popular grill is designed to let fans discover what’s possible with pellet grilling. This all-in-one grill is capable of reaching high heat searing temperatures as well as the perfect ‘Low n Slow’ conditions. So, whether you’re looking to cook the perfect steak, delicious short ribs, or juicy and tender pulled pork, the SmokeFire gives you the ideal setting at your fingertips.

SmokeFire includes a range of innovative features that are revolutionising the pellet market. From a responsive-incline-drive-engine that heats up quickly and delivers precise temperatures of 95 to 315°C to Weber’s iconic Flavorizer bars that ensure consistent heat distribution, the breakthrough SmokeFire delivers a superior cooking performance. Its unique auger and hopper system features a short gravity-fed path to the heat source that speeds up pre-heat time and helps to reduce pellet jams. The easy-clean ash and grease drawer also eliminates the need for a messy grease bucket.

What’s more, this revolutionary pellet grill comes complete with a five-year limited warranty and Weber’s signature porcelain enamel construction. This means you have not only total peace of mind, but the grill makes a stylish addition to any garden or outdoor space.

The SmokeFire grill also features integrated Weber Connect technology, bringing pellet barbecuing to the next level. Weber Connect is the step-by-step barbecuing assistant that helps you get it right every time. The technology offers guidance on everything from setup and meal-prep, to smart tips and custom food doneness alerts.

For further information on the Weber SmokeFire, click here.

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