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Nursery Colour Choices

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Nursery colour choices go beyond just aesthetics – with research revealing that the colour of your nursery walls can affect your baby’s mood.

For example, green is an amazing colour choice due to its calming effects and symbolism with nature. And yellow is popular due to it being a warm, happy neutral colour.

At luxury eco paint company COAT Paints, dad-of-two and co-founder, Rob Green, has come up with the following tips to take the hassle out of choosing a scheme.

  1. Planning your nursery walls isn’t just about the colour but also ensuring the paint is water-based and low VOC (toxin) and odour, so it’s safe for your home, your little one and you can use the space straight away.
  2. Focus on one item and build your nursery theme around this – this could be a piece of furniture, a toy or the window aspect. Having this central ‘hook’ will ensure the room doesn’t become too fussy and the colour palette you choose is kept simple.
  3. When choosing a colour you want to ensure the space is fun but not over stimulating. We recommend a warm white – something with undertones of yellow, brown, pink or orange. For example, brown tones connect us to the stability of wood and earth in nature – allowing a feeling of being grounded and safe. While skin and tan tones add a happy depth and warmth.
  4. Greens are also a popular choice. Green has a powerful calming effect, and it signifies growth. The obvious link with the outdoors and nature connection brings balance to the feel of a nursery.
  5. Think about panelling a wall. Panelling means you can repaint that panel to create change as your child grows rather than putting up wallpaper that will be outdated or having to paint the whole room again.

Guys, your life just got simpler now you’ve read this, right? Of course!

Now there’s just the feeding, the nappies, the sleepless nights, not to mention no social life. Oh, and the sports car will have to go on hold for a while (nooooo!!!!). The list goes on (are we selling parenthood to you yet?).

But seriously, believe us – we’re all dads here at FQ – and babies are worth it. Do it right and when they start to grow up, your kids will become the best friends you’ve ever had!

Now get painting!!

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