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How to Stand Out in The Gym With Style

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

You go to the same gym each day and you never wear anything but sweats.

When people traipse by you in designer attire, you feel rather plain. You work hard to maintain an impressive figure and you want people to take notice of it. There are a few things you can do to stand out when you go to your health club.

Wear Colourful Clothes

When you look around the gym, you see a lot of people wearing drab grey or black sweats. Why not liven things up a little bit with some colour? Not only will a neon sports bra capture the attention of your fellow gym-goers, but it will also show off your toned tummy.

Pair dark red yoga pants with a top that is a slightly different colour. The contrast between the top and the bottom colours will draw people’s attention to you.  Multi-coloured stretch pants and yoga pants are the latest activewear fad. They will show off your shape, sense of humour, and style.

Wear a Sleeveless Hoodie

All of those lat pulls and bench presses you do make your arms look great, so why not show them off a little? A sleeveless hoodie is one of the best ways to call attention to your muscles. The lack of sleeves is unusual enough to draw attention to the hoodie right away and your toned arms will do the rest.

When you see a sweatshirt, you think of Rocky, rap stars, and training. If you pick a bright colour for your hoodie, it will not only make you look great but keep you warm when you go jogging at night.

Wear a Personalised Hoodie

Creating a sweatshirt was once quite a chore. You would have to find a store in a mall that offered custom shirts. You would then pay an exorbitant amount of money to print your creation. The shirt selection was often sparse and you would end up being stuck in the mall for a very long time while you waited for it to be printed.

Today, there are online companies that offer on-demand printing. All you have to do is upload a design to an on-demand company’s website or create one using their tools. The company will print your creation on the hoodie of your choice and ship it out to you.

Your hoodie can make any statement that you would like, whether it is sarcastic or inspirational. If you are an artist, displaying your design on the back of a hoodie is a great way to show off your work.

According to the website you can even sell your hoodie. All you have to do is set up an online store and link it to the on-demand printer of your choice. When people buy a shirt on your store, the on-demand printer will fulfil the order.

Eye-Catching Shoes

Designer sneakers have been popular for a long time. Although they may be kind of expensive, there are plenty of shoes that will get you looks. There are bright yellow sneakers with heels made to look like wings. A sneaker with a stuffed animal sticking out of it will get you noticed as will a sneaker that looks like a slipper.

Going to the gym can be boring. When you wear eye-catching clothes, you can give everyone something to look at. You can also provide a distraction to people as they work out.

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