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Is the Dad Bod for you?

Dad Bod
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Protein shakes and rock hard abs may not be everyone’s cup of tea. With celebs like Chris Pratt and Leonardo Di Caprio making a paunch look good, some women are saying they actually prefer the dad bod.

Before you go swapping the protein shakes for freak shakes, a dad bod isn’t completely out of shape. Just not the all clean eating, protein consuming, temple of muscle that healthy living gets you. You can see that a guy with a dad guy probably works out a bit. Maybe even lifts a few weights. He’s just not shy when it comes to lifting a pint and a kebab either.

If you’re looking to embrace that dad bod here are a few simple steps to getting people on the street whispering ” I’m pretty sure he has kids.”

Make Everyday Cheat Day

No more worrying about eating clean, counting your macros or eating a balanced nutritious diet. Dad bod welcomes your pizza habit. Throw in a burger for good measure. Have that third rasher of bacon.

Drink Beer

There’s no quicker way to kill a six pack than, well, a six pack. Enjoy a nice cold one with no gym remorse. Cheers!

Dessert? Always

Dad Bod

No more turning down pudding. Say yes to that ice- cream. Treat yourself to that tiramisu.

Snack Time

Swap those rice cakes and fruit bowls for some McCoy’s and a Yorkie. Your dad bod demands it.

Light Cardio

Remember your goal is dad bod, not sad bod. Some light jogging and light weights will keep be enough to keep you in shape.

Dad Bod Sports

Dad Bod

Why play five a side footy when you can play darts? Enjoy the run around without  worrying about the physical outcome. Throw a frisbee around with the kids. Take a leisurely dip in the pool.


No need to impress with your climbing skills. You can abandon your marathon plans or ideas of completing Tough Mudder. Watching TV, Friday night gaming and Poker are back in play.

The dad bod life may sound enticing. But if you’re someone who believes their body is a temple and loves that healthy lifestyle, it isn’t the life for you.