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The Heart of Wales: Living in Cardiff 

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The capital city of Wales, Cardiff is a unique location for its historical allure and modern appeal. Rich in cultural heritage, Cardiff is growing in popularity as both a vacation spot and a place to live. 

In this piece, we explore the current state of Cardiff and specifically what the property market is like for anyone looking to live there – or for anyone who currently lives there and is looking to move away. 

Exploring the Cardiff Property Market 

Cardiff’s property market, like a lot of the world’s big cities, is experiencing significant demand, driven by factors including booming economic growth, a growing population and significant investment into infrastructure. 

The rapidly evolving dynamics of the property market mean that buyers and sellers must also evolve just as fast. More and more individuals and families are turning to renting instead of buying homes, with over 37% of England and Wales living in rental properties. 

The evolving market has seen the rise of companies like We Buy Any Home, however, who offer viable solutions for homeowners looking to sell their house fast in Cardiff. With guaranteed sales, flexible completion dates, and rapid cash offers, We Buy Any Home provides an alternative avenue for individuals struggling to cope in a fast-moving market. 

With the population’s preference seemingly shifting toward rental properties, the alternative selling solutions that are making their way into the norm of the market are a welcome change. 

Prices in Cardiff 

In February 2024, Cardiff’s housing market demonstrated a level of financial stability, with the average house price remaining steady at £265,000 compared to the previous year, experiencing only a slight fall. 

However, the rental sector experienced significant growth, with monthly rents rising to £1,004 in March 2024, marking a notable 13.0% increase from the previous year, illustrating the significant demand in this sector. 

Despite this increase in rental prices, both first-time buyers and mortgage buyers experienced consistency in house prices, with averages of £232,000 and £271,000, respectively, remaining balanced year on year.  

The consistency in mortgage prices for first-time buyers and mortgage buyers alike represents the accessibility of Cardiff’s property market, which offers opportunities for various buyer demographics to enter the market. 

Future of the Cardiff Market 

Cardiff continues to stand out as a famous city founded on historical charm and modern growth, attracting visitors and residents alike, particularly in the rental sector. As we delved into the property markets, the city’s real estate market aligns with its growth – dynamic and fast-paced.  

Economic growth and further investments into the city’s infrastructure are driving demand and forcing buyers and sellers alike to adapt to the evolving city. This evolution has seen the inception of innovative companies that provide alternative selling solutions for homeowners amongst shifting trends. 

The growing rental sector represents a wider, global shift towards this type of living, where the younger generations see renting as a more viable short-term option, especially within big cities where properties are expensive to purchase. 

With strategic initiatives in place to support development and employment opportunities driving people toward the city, Cardiff is poised to cement its position as a hub of opportunity in the UK. 

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