Complete Car Care Guide You Need to Follow in 2021

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

It is 2021 and we are all, now more than ever, aware that personal responsibility is something everyone should be practising.

A simple way to get used to this is by making sure your vehicle is always in good, roadworthy condition. Here are four simple tips that cover complete car care.

1. Watch your Tyres

Your tyres are the only part of the car in constant contact with the road, and if your tyres are in poor condition you are not only endangering your own life and the lives of your passengers, but also anyone else in the area at the time that they fail. Avoid this sort of guilt and enjoy peace of mind by checking out your tyres once a week if you drive a lot, and once a month if you seldom get on the road. Look for weaknesses and signs of internal damage by checking for distortions or bulges in the sidewall. Also check for external damage, such as cracks, missing chunks and peeling tread, all of which can leave your vehicle at risk of a sudden blowout.

2. Tread Depths

Ensure your tyres have the legal depth to the tread. The legal limit in the UK is 1.6mm, with many experts recommending 3mm for an extra margin of safety. Balding tyres may work decently on dry roads, but as soon as it rains, you will sorely feel that lack of tread in a car that feels almost out of your control.

3. Act Promptly

If you do spot signs of damage, wear or weakness in your tyres, immediately make arrangements for them to be replaced or repaired. Preferably, replace them, as repairs, while good enough for a short while, such as when you are on holiday, tend not to stand the test of time as well as new tyres. If you are looking to buy quality tyres in Pontefract, you should consult Ossett Tyre House, and you will be back on the road, safe and secure, in no time.

4. Regular Servicing

Make sure you know how often your vehicle should be serviced according to the user’s manual, and schedule your check-ups as recommended. Servicing is important as it ensures you have peace of mind on the road, as well as making sure your car is in optimum condition for as long as you have it. Servicing, oil changes, the various motley checks and adjustments that a mechanic makes to your vehicle as they give it the once over, all add up to a vehicle that is more efficient, running better and costing you less.

5. Drive Safely

This may seem counterintuitive, but almost everyone has had a moment of forcing their vehicle over a road that turns out to be rougher than we would have liked. While the occasional short jolt over a terrible road might not do too much harm, it is really not to be recommended even once, never mind as a regular practice. Good driving includes ensuring the roads are in good condition with decent lighting, if possible, obeying the speed limit at all times, and not being tempted into taking your car off-road.

These five tips may not be exciting or dramatic – but exciting drama is exactly what you do not want while on the road! Driving should be ever so slightly boring and very dependable, getting you from A to B efficiently and without drama! And adhering to these tips can help you with that!

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