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BYD ATTO 3 Review

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Hey there, dads! Are you in the market for a new car? If you want something affordable, practical, and packed with tech, you must check out the BYD ATTO 3.

BYD, the largest producer of EVs in the world, manufactures this electric vehicle. It has been on the scene since 1995 and makes all sorts of things, from buses to solar panels and rechargeable batteries. And now, it has brought its ATTO 3 to this side of the globe.

One of the biggest concerns for dads regarding EVs is the cost. But the ATTO 3 is priced only a few thousand more than a non-electric Ford Kuga, making it an affordable option for families. The ATTO 3 offers so much more than just a lower price point, though.

The car has a massive touchscreen that’s incredibly responsive and can rotate between landscape and portrait mode at the touch of a button. But what sets the ATTO 3 apart is its voice command feature. Say “Hi, BYD”, and you can control everything from the AC to the music. And let’s be honest: parents love anything that makes life easier.

The ATTO 3 has safety features, including lane assistance, intelligent cruise control, keyless entry, and climate control. The suspension makes driving on country roads a breeze, and the electric “engine” is so quiet that you’ll feel like you’re motoring on air. Plus, parking is a cinch, thanks to the surround-view cameras.

You will appreciate the ATTO 3’s child-lock, ample boot space, and roomy passenger seats. From the backseat passenger point of view, there are charging points (USB-A and C), AC controls, and peculiar guitar strings in the doors that act as bottle holders. What’s more, the car has a top five-star rating from Euro NCAP, making it one of the safest EVs on the market. And as a dad, safety is always a top priority.

The interior design of the ATTO 3 is utterly unique. It is like an aeroplane cockpit, and the eight-speaker stereo with pulsating ambient lighting is perfect for entertaining the kids. And let’s be honest, dads love a bit of fun injected into their lives, too. We are not all after dull kid wagons.

But what about the range? The ATTO 3 offers a substantial 200 miles+ in the real world, and charging is a piece of pie. BYD supplies your standard charging lead and an extension, meaning you can plug common appliances into your car.

You can change how much energy your BYD draws from the socket within the car’s settings as well. And, if you have no other means, you can even charge the ATTO 3 via a three-pin plug. But you’ll be waiting an eternity. There are safer ways to shove electrons into your EV, too.

So, how does the ATTO 3 compare with other family motors? Well, it’s similar in size and shape to the pricey Mercedes EQA. But, if you’re after a practical vehicle with some style and tech and want to avoid rinsing yourself of cash, then the ATTO 3 is the way to go. Trust me, as a dad, I know what I’m talking about.

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