The Lullaby Trust Finds Support in iCandy

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

iCandy are supporting The Lullaby Trust with their new range of luxury changing bags.  

The Lullaby Trust raises awareness around SIDS, giving expert advice on safer sleep whilst working with the NHS to provide specialist support for bereaved families. From each sale of iCandy’s Emilia bag, named after Lullaby Trust ambassador Emilia Fox, £10 will be donated to the Trust, who also fund cutting-edge research into SIDS. 

The Lullaby Trust have had great success in reducing SIDS by 70% since the Back to Sleep message was launched in 1989 and continually campaign to raise awareness and further reduce the number of deaths attributed to SIDS. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) claims the lives of approximately 300 babies every year in the UK, a shocking average of 5 babies per week.

iCandy had a hugely positive start to their relationship with The Lullaby Trust, gifting them £5000 at the iCandy 80th Anniversary event. 

For more advice on safer sleep, to access support or find out more please visit The Lullaby Trust’s website