What’s trending this week

Written by Alexis De Leaver

We’ve rounded up the biggest trending pieces for your weekly round-up. Find out what’s going on and what you may have missed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex make it official…

On instagram that is. Our favourite royal couple have created their very own instagram account and in this short time have already amassed over four million followers. Head over to their official account for all things royal.

Theresa May’s attempt to ‘explain what’s happening with Brexit’ goes terribly wrong…

Theresa May releases a video statement of what’s happening with Brexit. The internet was ready to receive it and turned it into an opportunity for new memes and parodies.

These cuties received the first golden buzzer of the season…

Grab your tissues, Flakefeet Primary School received the first golden buzzer of the season on Britain’s Got Talent. This talented group of children shook the hearts of everyone watching.

New passports being issued with something missing…

Despite the ongoing Brexit conflicts people who have applied for or renewed their passports have received them with the ‘European Union’ missing. These new passports were issued the 30th of March, just one day after Britain was expected to leave the EU. Read more on what to expect on your passport here.

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