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What’s trending this week

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

This week’s trending news is all about the #ManagingToBeDad convention, Frozen 2 and gender reveal parties.

An attack on gender reveal parties…

Finding out the sex of your child is such an exciting event that many couples are sharing this with their friends and family in the form of a gender reveal party. Confetti popping out of balloons, baseball hits that turn into smoke and even airplane jets are some of the trending tools used to create these engagements.

But are they worth all the work? Some people are arguing that they are damaging to our environment when not cleaned up properly. Others also argue that they enforce the stereotypes we place on girls and boys. The most recent argument is that these parties are just plain going out of style. What are your thoughts?

Trending gender reveal party

Frozen 2 is finally here…

The highly anticipated Disney film has finally arrived in cinemas and it did not disappoint. It was hard to tell from the reviews who loved this film the most, parents or children. Frozen 2 has passed 2010’s Tangled with a record $14.72 million its opening weekend. The film is in cinemas now.


November is all about men’s health and educating males on healthy lifestyles. Dads from all around shared tips for staying active, mental health tips and information about suicide and depression.

Men together


One of our favourite dad bloggers Chris McGuire, known as The Out of Depth Dad, spoke at the Managing to Be Dad convention. He discussed how the workplace needs to revamp itself in terms of how it thinks of fatherhood. Read more here.