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Seamless switch: from infant to the next stage car seat

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Cybex shares a helpful guide for safely transitioning your child from an infant to a next stage car seat.

According to a recent study carried out by What Car?, 59 per cent of children are sitting in car seats that have been incorrectly fitted or are inappropriate for them.

Cybex, the global company renowned for its luxurious car seats, baby carriers and pushchairs, shares its guide on when to move your child from an infant car seat to the next stage car seat to ensure maximum safety for your little one.

Before you make the switch

Deciding when to move your child to the next stage car seat can be daunting, especially as some car seat groups overlap. Before you make the switch, consider the following:

  • Height and weight are more important than age – When the uppermost point of the child’s head reaches the highest point in any group car seat and the baby can hold their head (in infant carriers), then it’s time for the next stage car seat.
  • Shoulder straps test – If the shoulders straps are level with the baby’s shoulders then the child fits okay within the car seat. If the shoulder straps have to come up and over the child’s shoulders, your child is ready for the next stage up.  
  • Choose rearward facing for as long as possible – In the UK, according to the latest R129 regulation, parents have to use a rearward-facing car seat for their baby from birth until 15 months. However, it is widely recognised that it is beneficial to use a seat longer than this in the rearward facing position. Therefore, when you transition over, if you can, continue facing your child rearwards for as long as possible for maximum safety.
  • Don’t rush to a booster – It is much safer to keep a child in a five-point harness until they reach the right height and weight rather than choosing a booster seat.

New child safety heights

Cybex Cloud Z i-Size (Group 0+) and Sirona Z i-Size (Group 0/1) take safety to new heights. The Cloud Z i-Size features an innovative 180-degree rotation mechanism, when used with the Base Z, making it simple to swivel the car seat for easier entry and exit. At 87cm, the Cloud Z i-Size is one of the tallest infant car seats on the market and offers 11 headrest positions for a customised adjustment as a child grows, making it suitable from birth to 18 months. Parents can convert the seat to an ergonomic lie-flat position outside of the car without having to remove the child from the car seat.

The intelligent design of the Z-Line modular system makes it easier for parents to transition from one car seat group to the next, as the Base Z can be used with the infant Cloud Z i-Size and the Sirona Z i-Size. The base intelligently recognises which of the two car seats is connected, which prevents forward-facing use entirely of the Cloud Z i-Size or before the child has met the age and height requirements for the Sirona Z i-Size.

The Sirona Z i-Size allows parents to change the seat from rearward to forward-facing when their child has reached the minimum height and age requirements, thanks to its 360° rotation mechanism.

“A godsend!”

Both the Cloud Z i-Size and Sirona Z i-Size car seats feature the integrated Linear Side-Impact Protection System (L.S.P.) which reduces the forces of an impact from a side-impact collision by approximately 25%. In addition, the car seats feature Driving Direction Control, a pioneering parent-friendly technology feature, which prevents misuse of the forward-facing position before the child is at least 16 months old or 76cm tall.

Former Love Island contestant, Tyla Carr, has recently transitioned her baby boy, Archie, from the Cloud Z i-Size to the Sirona Z i-Size. She says: “My little boy is growing up so fast, but his safety is always my number one priority. I absolutely loved the Cloud Z i-Size and the 180° rotating mechanism was a godsend! I’ve been using the Sirona Z i-Size for a few weeks now using the same Base Z. I feel confident knowing that Archie is in the safest position possible and I can adjust the seat easily as he grows.”

Visit for more information on the Cloud Z i-Size and Sirona Z i-Size car seats.

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