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Your Name Doesn’t Match Your Personality? Apply for a Deed Poll ASAP!

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Do you wish you had a different name? It’s okay to feel that way since a lot of people face embarrassment and get bullied because of their names. And it’s not even their fault.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to choose our names, which may leave us with a name that we are unable to identify with as we grow up.  

If a person feels that their name doesn’t go well with their personality, this can lead to an identity crisis or downright disappointment or both. 

If you (or someone in your family) are stuck with a name that you hate or no longer identify with, you can change it using a deed poll.

Read on to learn more.

 1. Changing your child’s name

A child goes through a lot of significant changes during his/her growing years. 

When coping with change, a child may fail to connect with a name given by their loving parents. For example, if a boy’s core character is effeminate, then he might fail to connect with boisterous names such as Rufus or Archer.

Some children who are bullied at school may also have low self-esteem and problems with identity development. In such a situation, a child’s best solution is to apply for a name change. A new name can speak for his personality and maybe, even put an end to bullying in school. 

A person with parental responsibility has to take the initiative of getting a child Deed Poll. Once the child has their parents’ consent, written evidence has to be submitted to the HM Passport Office to put the change of name into effect across all platforms as soon as possible. 

2. Apply for an adult Deed Poll

It’s never too late to embrace one’s true nature. And sometimes, changing your name seems like the best way to start a new chapter in life. Here are some valid reasons for an adult to change their name:

  • Relationship change

Upon separation, divorce, or any relationship change, a person may choose to adopt a new name. Women can play around with their maiden name and surnames, a man can choose to take the wife’s surname, and a homosexual couple can choose to share a surname. Couples can also combine their surnames into one hyphenated shared name.

  • Sex change

When people choose to undergo a sex reassignment surgery, they change their names to mark the whole new chapter in their lives or their battle for the right body. A name change is also a liberating process for transgenders, who finally get the chance to stand for the personality that they were forced to suppress earlier.

  • Religious conversion or change of belief

People can choose to convert to a different religion and change their names. They then change their names to make peace with themselves or to mark the change of faith.

  • Rearrange the order of names

For professional reasons or even otherwise, some may choose to rearrange their names, such as use a surname as a middle name, to retain the old initials and one’s professional reputation.  

3. Change the name to try luck with numerology

Some people believe in the ancient science of numerology. When applied, numerology can change a person’s luck, making them feel more in control of their life. For professional or personal reasons, you can apply for a Deed Poll for a change of name based on the findings of your numerologist.


A new name can function as the beginning of a new chapter in your life. The Deed Poll can help fulfil your wishes and ensure coherence between your name and personality. If anytime you wish to legally change your name, reaching out to the Deep Poll office is helpful!

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