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Bugaboo Fox stroller review

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

After a long wait, the Bugaboo Fox is finally here. But just how good is it?

When we first got our mitts on the Bugaboo Fox at its launch in Amsterdam in January, we felt something special was on the parental horizon. We weren’t mistaken.

After spending a couple of weeks with it at home, the premium all-terrain stroller has redefined for us how far such a product can go in looks and functionality.

First impressions

Total style

It looks and feels as strong as a fox (sorry, ox). And depending on your previous stroller experience, one of the first things you’ll notice is how light and easy it feels to move around, with or without your child in it. It might take you a moment to acclimatise, especially if you’re used to wielding heavier, clunkier strollers. We stress only a moment though. Because after that it’ll open up a world where effort is obsolete and smoothness is everywhere.


The Fox’s front wheels are bigger that its predecessor, the Cameleon, to enable it to move better on a variety of surfaces. Which is great for those who live in concrete cities, grassy suburbs, pebbly seaside – pretty much anyone then.


Central joint suspension

There is fantastic new wheel suspension and central joint suspension that provides serious comfort for you and your child.  The seat is raised slightly higher as well, making it much easier to take your child in and out. The five point harness is also simple and secure to use.

Yes, you’ve been able to modify Bugaboo strollers before. But not to this extent. Now, on top of the frame, seat and carrycot fabric and canopy, you can swap out the wheel caps and handle grips. Whether or not you want to pay the extra and fully customise your stroller, at the very least Bugaboo is pushing the stylistic boundaries in its field. Given that you’ll probably keep it for a few years, it’s a good way to occasionally freshen up its appearance.

For the eco-conscious parent out there, the Fox’s fabric is made out of recycled PET bottles. The canopy that comes with is is huge and protective. However, we used a different, funky canopy from We Are Handsome, an Australian company that’s collaborated with Bugaboo.


With carrycot

As mentioned earlier, this stroller is uber light and airy to use. Awkward curbs and cracks in the pavements crumble underneath it, barely noticing them. We also tested it on cobbles, pebbles and grass – all with the same pleasing, smooth-riding result. Not only that but controlling it with one hand is a breeze. It puts no strain on you if, say, you need to use your phone while pushing.

The foot break is clearly indicated by the back wheels in white (one of Bugaboo’s cleverest traits is highlighting in white every practical part of their strollers) and being able to zip in and out of tight spaces is a breeze.

The height-adjustable handle bar (there were 10 settings on our count) has a good range to suit small to tall parents. While the one-handed seat recliner is quick and easy to use and not fiddly like some strollers can be.

Need to know

Super-compact fold

It’s suitable from birth up to 17kg and comes with both a carrycot and seat. (Car seat adaptors are available to buy separately, too.) The stroller only weighs 9.9kg and folding it up is a fairly simple process with its one-piece fold feature. Once folded, it’s self-standing – which is convenient for storing away – and fits comfortably  in the boot of an average-sized car. But if you’re really stuck for space, it has a super-compact fold ability.

There is also a 38-litre capacity basket under the seat, with a couple of in-built pockets, that holds enough for a decent supermarket trip. It comes complete with a rain cover and bar, too.

Our verdict

With a price tag just shy of a grand, The Bugaboo Fox isn’t cheap. But it certainly isn’t the most expensive pushchair out there either. If you’re looking to invest in a stroller that will be your mainstay for years to come – one sturdy and smooth, fit for a family on the go – welcome to the Bugaboo Fox.

Bugaboo’s marketing tagline for the Fox is ‘Say YES!’ Can we just add oui, sí, ja oo, yego, po… and how ever many other ways there are at saying a big yes to a product like this.