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Joie Spin Safe car seat review

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Find out why the Joie Spin Safe is said to be the safest rearward-facing car seat around.

It’s no easy feat to be named the safest model of anything. The Joie Spin Safe has taken that challenge and smashed it. With an extra reinforced frame, adaptable inserts, a 90-degree spin feature parents can feel at ease with their little ones in this car seat.

Not your average car seat

Parents want a car seat that is the right balance of lightweight and safe. They don’t want bulky seats that they can hardly get their children in and out of. The Joie Spin Safe has answered all of these requests.

Weighing in at just 13kg, this car seat model is super lightweight and easily fits into any car model. What makes it even more accessible is the one-handed 90-degree spin feature.

You can easily spin the seat to face you. This option makes it even easier to fit your baby in without having to awkwardly crawl half in, half out while trying to strap your baby into their seat.

It’s the details that count

What parents will really love besides the one-handed spin, are the additional safety features. A reinforced extra frame, Top Shield, provides extra protection from side impacts. While adaptable inserts can be added and removed to keep your baby comfortable for their entire journey.

What’s unique about this model, is its ability to stay rearward facing for newborns up to 18kg. This allows a longer time for underdeveloped necks to stay protected.

Joie spin safe with baby and mom

Parents can also take comfort in the fact that this model was tried and tested against the rigorous testing necessary for Plus Test certification, which is said to be the hardest, most rigorous car seat safety tests to pass.

We love this car seat and can’t recommend it enough whether you’re looking for your first or next car seat.

The Spin Safe is available from mid-December for RRP £250. For more information head over to Joie.